Increasing Stress Among Teenagers and School Students

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3 min readNov 26, 2021


Stress is a very common word these days, and we hear it often in our everyday life. Most people think that they know what stress is and how to deal with it. However, when we ask them, “What is stress?”, the answer would be vague and vague. Stress among students and teenagers is becoming more obvious in schools, via school absences, school dropout rates, and behavior in class. Stress among students has led to poor academic performance, leading to misbehavior. But what really is stress?

The word “stress” originated from the Latin word “stringere”, meaning ‘to draw tight’. In a psychological sense, it is a feeling of strain and pressure as a result of a struggle or challenge in some way. When we say stress, we often have in mind job stress. But actually, stress can occur in many circumstances of daily life. As per survey done by schools of India, stress among students and teenagers is something that has been increasing over the years.

School life stress

Everybody gets stressed out and no one wants it. Stress can be a positive or negative experience depending upon the mood you are in. Today, the majority of students and teenagers face stress at their schools and colleges because of increased workloads. There is a growing concern among parents and teachers regarding increasing stress among students and teenagers.

Stress among students and teenagers

Students find it harder to concentrate on their studies because of school-related stress. In a recent study, three out of every ten teens said they were stressed by homework and tests as well as social/family pressures. Every year, thousands of students from all over the world commit suicide because of school exams and other pressures from teachers and parents. Stress can make people physically ill or emotionally disturbed. Moreover, stressful situations could aggravate headaches and gastrointestinal disorders.

Stress is commonly found in students and teenagers living in the 21st century. It has become part of our routine now. Most students are taking additional stress from their studies, school life, family and friends, etc. They can be troubled by a stressful situation for a longer duration causing serious damage to their health and wellness throughout their lives. Constant stress can lead to severe disturbance which can cause physical and mental downfall.

How to cope up with student stress?

A determination to handle the stress is the only way out from all these problems which can cause untimely death.

No matter what makes feel upset and upset, first thing first you must realize that you cannot be upset and focus on ways to change the bad situation.

In today’s world when students have to cope up with a lot of stress in life, there are a lot of products that come up with a lot of solutions. Stress Buster is one such product, helping the student to cope up with the stress created in his/her daily life.

It is important to remember that stress is a part of life, and the body’s reaction to stress is an essential part of how it copes with stress. We must understand that there are many positive mental health benefits to experiencing stress, including the strengthening of the immune system, learning how to deal with difficult challenges, and developing important problem-solving skills.

Never feel restricted from reaching out for potential help. Therapy is always an option and a good investment if it makes your life better. Talk to your parents, friends, teachers, or anyone that you can stress. Do not be ashamed of your situation and be open to change and learning.

It is okay to delay some work, do not guilt yourself over it. Also do not give up on everything, because it is just a phase!

This shall pass too.