Internship for Graphic Designing

Digital 360
2 min readAug 24, 2023



Design an engaging and informative infographic that visually encapsulates the essence of one of MIS’s unique attributes as a leading international girls' boarding school.


Create an infographic on ONE of the following topics:

  1. Global Curriculum: Preparing Girls for the World Stage at MIS.
  2. Why Choose MIS for an International Education.
  3. Language and Cultural Immersion at MIS.
  4. Extracurricular Activities with an International Flair at MIS.
  5. Holistic Development at MIS.

If you have any requirements related to data, go to Google and search for “International Girls Boarding School”. Kindly scroll down till you will find the following link for MIS(Mussoorie International School).

Kindly don’t click on the sponsored links they will take you to wrong URL

Logo for MIS:

Please complete the submission and mail it to The subject Should be Graphic Design Internship

Note: Only Submission done via email would be considered for evaluation.

We have a heavy inflow of applications, and if you don’t get a revert after submitting the assignment, you have not been shortlisted.