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Digital 360
2 min readAug 24, 2023


Objective: Design a visually compelling PDF on any one of the following provided topics, emphasizing MIS’s unique attributes as a top school in Mussoorie.


  1. Boarding Life at MIS.
  2. Safety Measures and Student Well-Being at MIS.
  3. How MIS Fosters Holistic Development.
  4. MIS vs Other Schools in Mussoorie: A Comparative Analysis.
  5. Outdoor Learning Opportunities in the Scenic Locale of Mussoorie

If you have any requirements related to data, go to Google and search for “Schools in Mussoorie”. Kindly scroll down till you will find the following link for MIS(Mussoorie International School).

Kindly don’t click on the sponsored links they will take you to wrong URL


  1. Research & Content: Start by understanding the chosen topic. Use bullet points, infographics, and short paragraphs to convey the information succinctly.
  2. Slides: Your presentation should range from 10–15 slides. This includes the title slide, content slides, and a closing slide.
  3. Audience: Your primary audience is parents and guardians in Southeast Asia considering sending their child to an international boarding school. Design your slides to appeal to them visually and contextually.
  4. Design: Maintain consistency in design. Make sure the slides are not overcrowded and are visually appealing.
  5. Images: Use high-quality images related to each topic.

Logo for MIS:

Please complete the submission and mail it to The subject Should be Social Media Internship

Note: Only Submission done via email would be considered for evaluation.

We have a heavy inflow of applications, and if you don’t get a revert after submitting the assignment, you have not been shortlisted.