Life in as a British boarding school student

British boarding schools have been a major pathway for Indian students to gain an international quality education. Parents are increasingly leaning towards sending their children to a boarding school in the UK for studies.

If it’s a viable option then you should certainly consider it as schools in the UK have a better education system. At these schools, students get the opportunity to learn about the full range of subjects taught in England and experience a western culture not limited by factors such as caste discrimination.

The advantages of an education in a British boarding school are manifold, including the opportunity to network with other scholarly students from across the globe. Research done by top schools in India has shown that the chances to get into a good college increase tremendously if one gets their education from a school in the UK.

New Culture: You might have gotten a glimpse of British culture in India but here, quite obviously, you will get the whole picture. British boarding schools are some of the oldest educational institutions in the world. Students who attend these schools are brought up learning British customs , traditions, architecture, history, and culture.

Global Connect: British schools are pretty popular all over the world and so every year kids from +40 countries come to study there. Here you will get to know about the experiences of different cultures and you will find common ground in the lack of familiarity that you come in with. This can help you to grow into a confident, independent adult.

Food: Food is one of the most important things in our lives. We all eat food every day. Discover the biggest tasting ranges of foods from around the world. With unique flavours, fun products that are bursting with fresh taste. Since the UK has many denizens who are originally from different countries you will find ample opportunities to try new things and when you miss home you will be surprised to find a variety of options from back home.

Academic Advantage: British boarding schools are designed for students who value quality over quantity of schooling. Boarding schools offer more individualized attention, with smaller classroom sizes and diverse curricula, as well as the opportunity to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities.

Each boarding school not only has an impressive history, but also what you might expect for a school located across the Atlantic. Blending nationalities, ideas, customs, and cultures creates an open atmosphere that is both rich in education and experience. Famously, many famous entrepreneurs claim to have been educated in British boarding schools. The long list of celebrity alumnus includes The Beatles, David Beckham, J.K Rowling, Kate Moss and Jude Law to name but a few.

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