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3 min readNov 23, 2021


Media-” the fourth pillar of democracy” It plays an important role in our lives, and it also has a major impact on our mindset. The media plays a vital role in shaping the opinion of the public, and today the world has become ultra-modern.

The duty of media is to make the citizens aware of various social, economic, political activities happening around the world. As media plays the role of the contemporary world because it has become an essential service like our daily needs.

The manipulation of public opinion and strengthening the society is done by the media by getting involved with the mindset. The media has become a “Watchdog” so that it can protect the interest of the public against malpractice and create public awareness. Media follows surveillance, correlation, cultural transmission, and entertainment. Though media has very advantages, it also has become disadvantageous.

Because media has got so much control over our lives that if any negative aspect occurs, it ruins our whole mood leading to severe anxiety and depression. And studies done by schools in India suggest that media platforms as social media has even caused suicidal thoughts. It has been found that teenagers are also getting affected by the media.

Media has a very strong hold on the minds of common people. And media very easily generates propaganda, and thus, the manipulation is done. Nowadays, media has used its manipulation power in the wrong way. And the agenda of media, when formed, was to provide justice. But it’s not like before.

The media has lost all its essence. The media has forgotten the purpose for which it was formed. Today’s media resides in the middle of money. The one who is superior with loads of money is the one getting a hold on media. So this is how manipulation is done by media. The lower caste or the poor people don’t have loads of money, so they don’t have media coverage also. So now we need to get ourselves amplified from media manipulation. We can’t give someone the ability to manipulate us.

We need to identify which thing is good or bad for us to believe. You should never believe any news until you have gone through its facts from all perspectives. Now let’s have a look at the advantageous side of media. However, it has affected us harshly by increasing agendas and violence. There are also some positive traits that are not negligible. Like how media provides us fun and entertainment and promotes people to sociality and hospitality.

Today the platform used by media is digital, which means you can access the media just from your mobile. Media has become portable, and you need only a good connection to the internet and access anything you want to see. Media also provides us many chances via the internet to make new interactions online from our comfort zone without stepping out.

If used wisely, it is reliable for us through some precautions are needed from our sides also. Since the media helps with connectivity, so it gives us a chance to communicate and connect with the current situation. It helps us in the betterment of ourselves. It keeps us organized by keeping us up to date with the trends going on.

So anything in this world has both advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to our own minds to analyze and then decide whether we want to accept or not. Not everything we see in this world is true. Now coming to the media, not every time media shows false news and vice versa. Media is like a “Boolean expression.” It can be either true or false. The same is the case in life.