Top International School Franchise

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3 min readDec 1, 2021


Education is unarguably one of the most important aspects of life which makes it a highly profitable one. Without education an individual will be unable to move forward in their career and so a good school is required to train students to become productive members of society. Without a good educational background, any person will be unable to live up to their potential.

You might have seen international schools in India with similar names in different parts of the country. These are school franchises which are a group of schools who fall under one company. For schools to be a part of such a franchise they have to fulfil certain conditions in quality of infrastructure, faculty and amenities. A good way to find out about a school is to find out under which group of institutions it falls under. Let’s take a look at some franchises of International schools in India

Ryan International Group of Institutes, Mumbai

The Ryan International Group of Institutes is a front runner in school education offering a perfectly balanced mix of Academics, Sports and the Arts. Established in 1972, Ryan International Group of Institutes is a pioneer in providing quality education to children from age 3–18 years.

The Group has made rapid strides since its inception and today has campuses across 40 locations, having grown to over 100 campuses in 18 countries.. Ryan International Group of Institutes, Mumbai is a pioneer in making education approachable and affordable to the middle class with its innovative educational curriculum. the system is accredited with international standards and offers students a unique blend of Indian and international curricula.

Podar Education Network, Mumbai

The Podar Education Network , founded in 1891, is one of the largest Non-Profit Organizations in India and is a conglomerate of institutions that spans across Mumbai, Baroda and Pune in India. Starting its journey with the introduction of the first ever commerce course in India at Elphinstone College, it has surpassed all challenges to emerge as a leader in academia.

These institutions offer renowned co-curricular activities in dance, music, theater, fine arts, sports, inter-school competitions in academics and the latest creative programs that will help in shaping the creative talents of students. The organization also boasts an eLearning Platform — The Learning Loop; or PEN’s virtual learning reality. Their schools are affiliated to CBSE, CISCE, IB, state board and Cambridge International.

Billabong High International Schools, Mumbai

Founded in 1976, with the sole aim of providing a quality international education to children from a wide cross section of society. The institute has been partnering with local and international students to promote an ‘open door policy’ and play a significant role in building harmonious relations between this country and some western countries.

There are 30 schools spread over 21 locations in India which fall under these groups of institutions, These schools are affiliated with CISCE, CBSE and Cambridge International.

Presidency Group, Bangalore

The Presidency Group is an educational institution that has more than 35 years of experience. This private educational institution has successfully achieved significant milestones of educating students on various levels, whether it be undergraduate level or postgraduate level. With a systematic and a high tech approach to education, this institution aims at creating a global communicative society, which is both able and well-read.

The teachers here have years of experience working in the industry and have received training from various universities all over the world. They were the first to offer degrees in India. There are over 48,000 students and 1,200 employees, making it one of the largest groups in the state. Their focus is on the student and continuing education for teachers and professors, with over 10,000 teachers in their system.