UI UX Editing Internship

Digital 360
2 min readNov 23, 2022


Hi There,

We are a School Listing Portal and have Pan India presence and we require interns for our graphic design team,

Here follows a small task for the evaluation of your skills,

Please search for ANY of the following terms on Google.com

Boarding Schools in Bangalore

Boarding Schools in Dehradun

Boarding Schools in Delhi

In the search results you will find link of eduminatti as shown below, go on Eduminatti page and for the task you to use information on this page.

Please don’t click on the sponsored results they will take you to wrong URL

Go through the content and make an infographic in Vertical Mobile View aspect ratio that can be used in our Website using Figma.

Send us a PDF and Figma link for the design made

Topic of the submission can be like Top 5 Boarding schools in India, Best Girls boarding schools in India etc.

Logo file of eduminatti

Please complete the submission and mail it on etherecashindia@gmail.com and Subject Should be UI UX Internship

Note: Only Submission done via email would be considered for evaluation.

We have heavy inflow of applications and in case you don’t get a revert after submission of assignment than it means that you have not been shortlisted.