What are the disadvantages of co education?

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2 min readDec 11, 2021


A co-ed school is a type of school that allows both boys and girls to attend. Alternatives to conventional single-sex schools, most co-ed schools are located in urban centers or communities with large populations.

Students at a coed school in India can benefit from many different resources as they prepare for their adult lives. Co-ed schools are an attempt to create a more equal educational environment in which boys and girls achieve high standards of performance whether they are traditionally male or female.

But these schools have some disadvantages, these might not directly affect you but you should consider these points:


Girls and boys are placed into boxes of characteristics. In a co-ed school, you will often see that boys are more in numbers when it comes to sports, while girls will be more in number in a dance club. Teachers are often heard saying that boys are better in maths and girls are better at bio. Such statements and ideas discourage both girls and boys from doing what they want. In a single-gender school there is no room for such comparison and that’s why there is more room to grow.


Children during the age of 13–18 are conscious about their appearance especially in the presence of the opposite sex, they don’t feel comfortable and often hesitate to participate in activities that they’d like to be a part of but are extremely conscious of what other children will think about them. This might lead to a lack of confidence in a student.


Students in co-ed schools are twice as likely to be involved in bullying as students in single-sex schools. Stereotyping of boys and girls occurs in most schools and is one of the reasons why bullying occurs when a girl behaves too much like a boy or vice versa. As we move to the future this problem is fading away as youngsters are getting aware of various gender identities but in India this change is yet to come and bullying persists to be a problem.


This is actually an overkill but a lot of people believe that the attraction that children experience might be dangerous for kids. But that’s not true the reach problem is that there is no proper counselling done for youngsters and that’s why they end up being emotionally immature and end up in toxic relationships which are a heavy distraction. In schools in India no teacher will be available for you to give you relationship advice and that’s why just co-ed schools might be bad